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 As I sit here this month poised to write a rant about how infuriating it is when a vendor changes their mind and pulls out of a sale, or perhaps a musing on what a farce our political system appears to be right now, I’m watching with horror the footage of the horrific atrocity committed in Nice and everything else seems pretty trivial.

I’m shocked and saddened and the fact that children were among the dead makes me feel sick.  

So apologies, this month I’m not going to make light of a property topic or poke fun at those in our industry. I simply cannot muster the “false smile” needed to write such a piece today.  

Instead I’m sat here considering just how fortunate I am to have my health and the love of my family. Today I won’t be grumbling about what a state the kids’ playroom is or how it always seems to be my turn to walk the dog. Instead I’m going to continually remind myself how bloody fortunate I am to have these things to grouse about.  

Families have had their loved ones torn from them and their lives ripped apart. How can this happen? What goes on in anyone’s mind that ever makes this seem like an ok thing to do? I will never be able to make sense of it. Maybe now is the time we actually put some effort into global peace. We have been tearing each other apart for millennia and for what? Because someone else’s skin is a different tone to our own? Because someone else holds different beliefs to us? Because those “others” live on the other side of a piece of water or even for something as ridiculous as money.  

I consider myself extremely fortunate. I have my family, my health and enough money to do the things I want to do. But even without money we have so very much to be grateful for. I love my life in property and here is my one, sort of related, thought today...  

Maybe property is for you, maybe it’s not (that is fine you know) but life is definitely too short and precious to be wasted doing something you don’t want to be doing for endless hours week after week and year after year.  

This month I also heard of the very sudden and unexpected passing of a good friend of YPN’s and someone I was privileged enough to interview a year or so ago, Paul Merrison. Paul was host of the Essex pin meeting and he embodied everything I love about our industry. He was full of life, a massive character who could fill a room with his exuberance but at the same time he was extremely modest, shy even (never have I seen a man as far out of his comfort zone as when I saw Paul first do his 20 second pitch). Paul had a genuine desire to help others and he will leave a genuine legacy for those he met along the way.  

So as I sit here reeling from the news in France I’m going to remember that people like Paul make life very, very worth living. Paul took his property investing seriously whilst never, ever taking himself too seriously and that seems like a bloody good philosophy for life.  

Squeeze every single drop out of life, it is fleetingly short and extremely precious and we are so very fortunate in so many ways.  

Ant Lyons


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