20 Reasons Why the Stock Market is a Great Way to Make Money

 Excerpts from Marcus de Maria’s book - The Lunchtime Trader

1. It is not hampered by other people  

Imagine this – no staff, no customers, no boss. That should be enough in itself – no staff expenses, training or aggravations; no customers to have to please, win over and retain, and no colleagues or boss telling you what to do.  

2. It is accessible to all  

Regardless of how old you are, whether you are male or female, regardless of your physical ability, anyone can do it. That is not the case with property or starting your own business.  

3. It requires surprisingly low starting capital compared to property or business  

This is usually a surprise for people. While you have to spend thousands on property or on a business, in the stock market you can start with about $2,000 or £1,200 – that’s a lot less, isn’t it? And you don’t even need that – you can start practising and improving your skills on a simulator or virtual trader. It is the same as the real thing: you enter and exit the trades, based on market prices, just like the real thing, but the money is not yours, it is virtual money.  

Also, there are no up-front fees (for example, for transferring money), no legal fees, marketing fees, mortgage brokers, and if you are investing in US, which we suggest, then no stamp duty.

4. It has total time flexibility  

This really does depend on your lifestyle – there are daily strategies, weekly strategies, monthly strategies and yearly strategies. The trick is to choose one that fits into your lifestyle. If it doesn’t fit your lifestyle, you won’t do it consistently well.

5. It has total location flexibility  

Since all we need is the internet – you have total flexibility. You can be in any room in the house, in any house in the world, or be travelling.  

6. It requires minimal training  

You don’t need an MBA or PhD to do this; you just need a good course to teach you the basics, and then practice, practice, practice.  

7. It is guaranteed to exist in the future  

They are not going to decide to cancel the stock market.

8. There are no competitors – in fact, the more the better  

Firstly there are no competitors – you are not fighting against anyone else but yourself and remember: the more people buy the stock you are in, the better.  

9. It is recession proof – you can make money faster when stocks go down  

Did you know more millionaires are made in a recession than at any other time? So if a stock, or a sector, industry or the entire market starts to go down, this is when you can make the most money fast.  

And get this – when the market goes sideways, when normally you think you can’t make any money, this is when you can make a lot of money in the stock market.  

10.There is no product/stock holding required

You don’t need to purchase any inventory or have a garage full of stock.  

11. It has low overheads and easy admin  

The only overheads you have are your internet connection, your brokerage fees and if you have to pay for it, your charting software. That’s it!  

12.You don’t have to borrow money  

You can if you want to, but don’t have to; whereas it is usually the case in property and sometimes in business.  

13. There are no meetings  

The biggest time wasters in the world, that are needed for business and property, are not needed in the stock market  

14. There’s no physical labour  

Unlike in property and some businesses, because there is nothing to build or maintain.  

15. You are in control at all times  

This surprises some people. Let’s imagine you have a stock and you decide you want to get out. You click a button and five seconds later you are out. Can you do that with a property? In ten minutes, days, weeks? Can you do that with your business?    

16.There’s potential for a huge profit margin  

One of the reasons is the small starting capital but also because you can buy something and sell it almost immediately when the stock goes in your direction.  

17. It’s passive income: you can earn it whilst you’re sleeping  

There are two reasons for this: the first is after-hours trading – institutions trade when the market is closed to us mere mortals; the second is that you can sell options, which allows you to take advantage of time ticking – literally amazing!  

18.You can teach your children  

Imagine learning this when you were much younger! We have graduates who get their children to do the filtering of stocks for them. It is like a game for children because looking at charts can be highly visual. Then the parents can come along and do the rest while the children play with other, less educational toys.  

19. It develops an Abundant Mentality faster  

With the stock-market you can measure whether you are doing well or not within a very short period of time. This way you can change your approach and correct any mistakes you are making much faster than you could in your business and certainly much faster than in property.  

20. The better you get, the more ££s you make  

This is incredible – can you imagine being in a job and your boss rewarding you every time you get better? And promoting you above him when you are better than he is? In the stock market, this is the case – you can make more money, the better you get – and there is no ceiling.  

Have you ever practised a computer game and became really good after practising for hours? So you keep practising and getting better. That is precisely why you want to go on a virtual trader before committing your real money.  

The stock market is by no means the only vehicle to get you where you want to go. However, I am here to tell you that it is the easiest for beginners to access and the simplest, fastest way to get started, especially if you are serious about making money.  

And this is on top of everything else you are doing – we are not asking you to stop or change doing anything. This is just twenty minutes a day tops.  

There are several ways to become wealthy. Normally, although not always, it involves you doing something outside your daily activities. During the day you work hard for money but in your spare time in just 20 minutes a day (mornings, lunchtime, evenings or weekends), you must ensure your money works hard for you. That is the basic premise for becoming wealthy.  

You might want to read the previous paragraph again.  

We believe that the stock market is a great way to do this. In fact, we believe it is the most misunderstood of all the wealth creation vehicles. If you ask the average person in the street they will not know about it. They will have ideas about business and property but when it comes to stocks they will not know.  

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